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HP 350 G2 - Download drivers for: Wireless, webcam, bluetooth, graphics, sound, card reader, wifi, touchpad

HP 350 G2

HP 350 G2 wireless driver - Download driver and fix wifi not working - see more

HP 350 G2 webcam driver - Download driver and fix webcam not working issue - see more

HP 350 G2 bluetooth driver download - bluetooth not working - see more

HP 350 G2 bluetooth connection - How to transfer / receive photos or music with bluetooth - see more

HP 350 G2 sound / audio driver download - sound not working - see more

HP 350 G2 touchpad driver download - touchpad not working - see more

HP 350 G2 card reader driver download - sd card not working - see more

HP 350 G2 USB / USB 3.0 download - usb not working - see more

HP 350 G2 - Fix low internet speed, youtube / facebook loading slow - see more

HP 350 G2 video VGA graphics driver - How to install driver tutorial included - see more

HP 350 G2 Laptop - How to make your screen brighter / adjust brightness - see more

HP 350 G2 How to watch 1080p FullHD and 720p HD movies and youtube HD - see more

HP 350 G2 How to fix black screen, blue screen or my screen is black - see more

My HP 350 G2 laptop won't turn on anymore / black screen issue - see details

More Drivers for Download / or download all available drivers !

Also if you need: usb 3.0 driver for faster transfers to usb stick, usb phone connections and transfers, if you want to gain more speed and stability you need to install latest chipset driver, firewire, bios and can download all these drivers or firmware from here and just choose what you need from list.

Important Note! This Notebook HP 350 G2 is compatible ONLY with Windows 8.1 64 bits and Windows 7 64 bits ! Update ! 32 bits operating systems are NOT supported !


HP 350 G2

For Gamers

How to play pc video games better with your dedicated video card ? Just follow this guide and learn how. Why to install dedicated video card driver new and optimized ? this is a wrong question because no matter if you play video games or not, your laptop need to have updated drivers every time because will get more performance and also more stability. (force game to run with dedicated video card instead of integrated / built in ! is very important fo games)

For Cinema / Film Fan / Picture Goer / moviegoers

If you want to watch movies in FullHD 1080p or HD 720p also you must install dedicated video card driver.

Downloads Compatible with HP 350 G2

All downloads FREE, clean and easy to install for HP 350 G2

How to repair windows errors, registry boost and clean system for HP 350 G2 -> see details

How to create and edit youtube videos, weddings, webcam recorded, christenings and parties -> see details

How to delete / remove / uninstall programs or games with best free program -> see details

How to fix / repair your HDD or check it for errors to prevent crashing or blue screen -> see details

HP 350 G2 - Troubleshooting

You must install an intel driver first error ? then download built in graphics driver first (you have download links above in video VGA Graphics drivers)

Slow speed when transfer files from hard disk to usb hard disk ? install chipset and usb 3.0 drivers from above.

Your wireless not working even with latest wireless / wifi driver installed ? Look at laptop keyboard signs from top ! Now you see that wirless signal icon ? press Fn and that key ..both at same time and try your wireless connection now to see if is working, and if not press those keys again.

You dvd writer / reader is not working ? Then see above link to download dvd firmware near More drivers for download.

You have no sound in video games ? download sound driver from above

If you have problems with : 

Opera is open too slow / loading very slow, Waterfox 64 bits is open too slow / loading very slow, Safari is open too slow / loading very slow or Google Chrome is open too slow / loading very slow, Mozilla Firefox is open too slow / loading very slow, Cyberfox 64 bits is open too slow / loading very slow

 Fix Slow Loading times 

How to fix blue screen / black screen errors

HP 350 G2 how to fix blue screen / black screen errors after few minutes of idle, laptop is freezing, blocked, not working after some time of inactivity, fix idle issue, repair idle problem, black screen of death after sceen saver, freeze after a break, black screen freeze after 10 minutes, after 5 minutes of idle, notebook is freezing after few minutes of inactivity, laptop is not working after lunch break for HP 350 G2 - See how to fix this here >

Cannot install Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10

Windows cannot be installed to this disk. The disk may fail soon. If other hard disks are available, install Windows to another location

1. This is a problem ! To fix this, you must repair you hard drive first ! How ? If you have windows installed but is running slow and you want to format hdd and install new one, download this tool first and follow instructions to fix hdd.

2. If you don`t have windows installed, you need to disassembly laptop hdd, connect the HDD to a PC, and fix it through that PC (your hdd should appear in Computer (My computer)!! If is not present check this guide) with software mentioned above.


If you get this error message, then you need to follow this guide to fix it !

Stuttering / Freezing / Slow mouse movement when copy movie file, Game archive or Music

If your laptop is very slow when you want to copy something, you must follow this tutorial.

How to install a laptop driver

You want to learn how to install sound driver, wireless driver, webcam driver ..etc ? see this >

How to speed up, boost your notebook loading times

 Learn how to fix this 

Laptop Fan won't stop running after starting up

Your HP 350 G2 fan won`t stop running at full speed until next starting up or restart ? fan issue, fan stopping, fan is running in full speed, fan problem, laptop noise, fan noise ?

 Learn here how to fix this issue 

Second Solution to update your drivers is: If you have some bucks to spend, you can buy this software to update all your drivers automaticaly. Why to get that driver updater ? If you are too lazy or you don`t have too much time to learn how to update drivers for your laptop, then that is the solution !

HP 350 G2 - Download Wireless, webcam, bluetooth, graphics, audio drivers

HP 350 G2 webcam driver, HP 350 G2 wireless driver, HP 350 G2 wifi driver, HP 350 G2 sound driver, HP 350 G2 bluetooth driver, HP 350 G2 card reader driver, HP 350 G2 usb / usb 3.0 driver, HP 350 G2 video gaming driver

Drivers for HP 350 G2 created on: 2015-04-23 by Ioana OS