This is not another load board.

Screenshot of the Fleet Timeline Feature in DriverOS


DriverOS is a central hub for acquiring, planning, managing, communicating with, and distributing to your teams. It puts power in the hands of the trade professional, giving them the control to plan their own loads. Intelligent freight aggregation systems analyze all aspects of a load to best match with the priorities of individual drivers.

The timeline UI is central to planning and dispatch operations, one place to see everything they need to know about their fleet. Dashboards provide high level overviews of fleet performance, and make it easy to identify and focus on outliers.


JLE started its operations using Trimble's TMW.Suite, a staple TMS in the industry. It quickly became apparent that TMW was not as customizable or quick to adapt to our needs, and custom software solutions would be necessary. Custom dashboards, reports and scrapers feeding data into and out of TMW eventually evolved to a full blown application in-and-of itself, which is now DriverOS.

Now this award winning technology is becoming available to everyone!

Central Operations

Everything at your fingertips. DriverOS puts critical info front and center, in a way that's easy to digest and make decisions.

  • Freight Organization
  • Timeline / Hometime Feasibility
  • Service Execution
  • Centralization of Corporate Systems
  • Load Planning Collaboration
  • Safety Module
Screenshot of DriverOS Fleet Timeline

Exception Manager

Focus on the outliers using intelligent systems to identify potential problems before they happen.

  • Driver Productivity
  • Breakdowns Decision Tree
  • Freight Planning / Order Entry
  • Retention Modeling
  • Brokerage
Screenshot of DriverOS Exception Dashboard

Freight Aggregator

Cut down on cold calling and manual data entry. DriverOS can automatically ingest and price freight from a variety of sources.

  • Pricing
  • Acquisition
  • Order Entry
  • Market Intelligence
  • Dynamic Pricing Engine
  • Spot Rate Automation
Graphic depicting web of data with a Freight Aggregator logo overlayed on top

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